Three sisters like leaves on a clover,
similar but not the same,
have created a unique gin;
exquisite like the morning dew,
delicate like the clover flower.


A childhood spent in the Kalmthoutse Heide surrounded by endless heathland and greenery
had a great influence on the three Ickroth sisters.
 After leaving the nest in 2015 they decided to embark on an ambitious journey together.
A unique botanical gin became the result of an eight month long search for the perfect taste.


The distilling process was an adventure.
Coriander, cardamom and juniper are often used as a strong base while making a gin.
It is the long search for the additional ingredients that made the process interesting.
The surprising combination of pear and lavender ended up adding
a fresh perfume and a soft taste.


Three sisters, like leaves on a clover composed this lovely gin by playing with flavors.
The presence of clover gave the gin its uniqueness.